About EmPower4Health

The mission of EmPower4Health is to be a Global Asset by empowering health through natural nutritional products, cutting edge research, wellness education and collaborative humanitarian aid.

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EmPower4Health distributes and develops nutraceutical supplements from natural products that providing nutritional support needed for function, strengthening the immune system, increasing wellness and quality of life.  Our products are of the highest quality and help the body help itself naturally.

What are the goals of EmPower4Health?Ancient Pillars, Athens (4)

Our pillars are natural products, cutting research, education and humanitarian outreach.

It is the goal of EmPower4Health to improve the health of the Global community with products utilizing humic acid and other natural anti–viral ingredients that help the body defend itself from flus, colds and other viruses.

On–going research and clinical trials will help substantiate the value and expand use of ProteKdo™ and the other EmPower4Health products. This will also expose the nutritional deficiencies of the modern diet while discovering the healing secrets of nature.

Wellness education will be provided through the internet and other platforms to challenge individuals, communities and general public to lifelong health and nutritional reform.

The success of these goals will support and expand the humanitarian aid and opportunity to distribute ProteKdo™ and other EmPower4Health products to those in greatest need.


Our dream is to see a world with healthier children, youth, elderly and adults.Father and child holding hands uid
Our dream is to empower others to life–long health with nutritional products and education.

Our desire is to create products that will supply some of the critical nutrition lacking in our diets.

Our dream to have you join us as we change the future…one life at a time.


EmPower4HEALTH is committed –
To Empower the World . . . with health and hope
To Promote Wellness . . . through our products and education
To Advance the Knowledge . . . of natural and nutraceutical products
To Change the Future . . . by touching lives today


EmPower4HEALTH purposes to be a Global Asset by empowering health through natural nutritional products, cutting-edge research, wellness education and collaborative humanitarian aid.


EmPower4HEALTH is more than a company name, to “empower for health” is our belief and commitment to the world. We are dedicated to helping others with products such as HumicLIFE™ and Humic Complex™ that help build the body’s natural immune system and health on a cellular level. EmPower4HEALTH is committed to providing information, through the website and other venues, which will empower people to lifelong health.



Our passion is people, our purpose is health and our dream is a world filled with wellness. Too large a dream you say? Well, perhaps, but what is the point of a dream that is already in our hand? At EmPower4HEALTH, we believe and are waiting for others who will join us, hand by hand, heart by heart and step by step to be part of a healthier future.

For the “Health of the Nations”

You see, to us it’s about the Health of the Nations and the on–going health of the people who build them. While we may ne

ver influence an act of congress or negotiate a pollution treaty; we believe that we all can make simple steps to health. It starts with us, today, making choices and then helping others, one–by–one, action–by–action – with one nutritious meal or one simple

donation for a bottle of supplements or taking one hour to exercise with an overweight child or teen.

We each have a job to do and EmPower4HEALTH has information and products to help you stay healthy in a world filled with viruses and immune depleting diets. HumicLIFE™ and Humic Complex™ products were developed to strengthen the body so it can defend itself against the flu, colds and other viruses. Additionally, EmPower4HEALTH will be providing supplements and support to orphanages and children in need through several approved non–profit organizations.

Unique Natural ProductsBlue.RedVirus 3d wallpaper 8 Provide unique nutraceutical products that empower health and wellness; by supporting and building the body’s natural defense mechanisms and correcting imbalances created by modern diets.

Cutting–Edge Research
Conduct research and development that will legitimize and help develop cutting–edge nutritional products; with the hopes of improving the bridge between the natural remedies and standard medical practices.

Wellness Education
Empower people to life–long health through providing nutrition and information that will transform daily choices and be a catalyst for marketplace and nutritional reformation.

Collaborative Humanitarian Aid
Through collaborative efforts serve children, orphans and those at greatest risk of disease and death due to malnutrition. Provide food, nutritional supplements and critically needed support for AIDS orphans around the world.

EmPower4HEALTH is dedicated to building a healthier world through nutritional products, research, humanitarian efforts and empowering others to better health through wellness education.

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