Nature has a Health Plan


Nature Has a Health Plan! 

Nature provides nutrition, food and water to help us live healthy lives.  Unfortunately, we live in a fast food world filled with chemicals, stress and processed foods.  Everyday we are exposed to thousands of germs and threatened by stronger viruses that could arrive on the next airplane.

To stay healthy, especially during the flu and cold season, our immune systems often need help.  This is why millions of people use natural supplements — like ProteKdo™ — that support and strengthen the body’s natural defenses.

Safe WATER is more important than FOOD! Sometimes the unexpected happens, which is why the Red Cross and government agencies recommend that every family, individual and company have an emergency plan and kit with 3 days of food and water. You don’t have to be an extreme prepper to know that in a disaster – Safe, clean drinking water is more important than food.  Bottled water runs out quickly and water filtration systems are critically important.

EmPower for Health recommends the Just Water Emergency Filters that are  quality tested, practical and economic solutions for every Family Emergency Kit.   Just Water Filters are MADE in the USA.