The ProteKdo Advantage

When you take ProteKdo™ products, it provides nutrients direct from nature’s ancient that give your body the support it needs to help protect itself – naturally. 

ProteKdo™ contains a proprietary blend of trace minerals, which are a powerful anti-oxidants and provide combination of nutrients and trace minerals that help build the body on a cellular level.

Research has shown that proper nutrition can help build the body’s ability to protect and rebuild itself against infection and viruses. Without proper nutrition, exercise and rest the body’s immune system is weakened and more likely to catch colds, flu and other illnesses.

runnersAround the globe, naturally occurring trace minerals have been a cherished ingredient of traditional medicines and tested for a wide variety of health conditions.  The trace minerals contained in ProteKdo™ have been researched and tested for its effectiveness for human health  and helping the body naturally protect itself.  Taking ProteKdo(TM) has been shown to help build resistance against infection, and in the case of infection it helps speed up recover and lessen symptoms flu symptoms of fatigue, fever, coughing, nasal drainage and congestion.