ProteKdo Comes from Nature

Where do ProteKdo minerals come from?

In nature, trace minerals and minerals are found in rich soil, or humus, and supports plants with nutrition for growth, energy,  hydration and protection.  ProteKdo comes from a naturally occurring source that derived from ancient lush forests that once grew in the North American continent.  These deposits of raw minerals are mined, processed, concentrated, sterilized and tested in to meet high standards of potency and effectiveness.

Imagine Jurassic Park Your Back Yard.P1070709

Think of it, your back yard filled with lush, ancient vegetation and trees that reach over 40 feet high.  Just like JurassicPark, (but without the dinosaurs), the prehistoric leaves are vibrant with life and the trees are filled with huge ripe fruit.  No pollution, no toxins, no chemicals.   Now imagine having “Juice man” show up with a mega-machine that could turn all that rich greenery into huge buckets of juice.  Then this rich extraction is further reduced, compressed and dried into handfuls of nutrition.  That describes the process, (minus millions of years) of how the special combinations of minerals and trace minerals that are in ProteKdo™.

When you take ProteKdo™ products, it is like having an incredible dose of nutrients direct from nature’s ancient storehouse that give your body the support it needs to help protect itself – naturally.